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A team of experts will suggest you the best solution to your needs.

Automate product publishing and order management

eDock, with its high-performance features, allows you to have automatic sales processes. Furthermore, the possibility to develop APP for eDock gives you a way of having a fully customized configuration.


Our team of experts will suggest you the best solution that combine your operational needs with the business needs of the market in which you operate. No matter if you need to integrate with company's ERP or if you want manage your inventory through Excel: we will be happy to "draw" a solution for you.




Talk to us and tell us your needs!




Sell on the marketplaces on which you're not selling

If you are looking for a software that automates your order processing it means that you already faced the complexity of selling on eBay, Amazon or other marketplaces. eDock allows you to increase your revenues by selling also on other marketplaces - the one where you're not selling yet.
With eDock you will be able to experience the know-how of our experts and their support: from the account registration to the full development of marketplaces all over the world.





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Optimize your profits on the Marketplaces

Thanks to the APP InstantRepricing developed by the team of eDock, you have the possibility to optimize the flow of your revenues, to sell at the best price and in line with the competitors. The dynamic repricing function is run by a complex algorithm. This algorithm depends on a set of parameters influenced by your needs and your competitor’s behaviour.




How to install or configure eDock?

The good news is that you don't have to install eDock: just login with your credentials, obtained after the demo request. For the configuration, our support team will help you in a step by step process.



Talk to us and tell us your needs!


What to do next?

  1. Take a look at the Gioielli di Valenza case study, who started like you: a private interview.
  2. Schedule a 1 to 1 demo with one of our experts
  3. Check out this 3 steps before requesting your demo account

    1. Evaluate the impact that your business may have by selling on the marketplaces with eDock. There are product categories and company types that are more advantaged than others: do an economic assessment of costs and benefits of the initiative, even before registering to the demo.
    2. Take into consideration the effort that the preparation of the material can take. If you need to get content - such as images or texts - don't forget that this will take time - obviously related to the number of products you want to sell.
    3. Make sure you have the requirements needed: a credit card and the basic notions of informatics that we expect you to have (e.g. surfing on the Internet or manage files or images).