You online business can be scalable if will automate processes of selling. As a consequence, you will offer a better service to your customers. The integration with a management software (as we made in the past with Danea EasyFatt2009) can be helpful to close your selling circle with invoicing and other management issues.


One system

Everything you need in one system: with eDock you centralize your online business management. Manage more than one eBay account and ecommerce website from one panel. The system is always improving and growing, as a consequence you can use features launched for other users with your specific needs.



The prices provides a start-up price and monthly fees (according to feature used and number of orders managed monthly): no mask in costs. The deal lasts a year. After a year, if you don’t want to use eDock anymore, you can close the deal.



Integrate eDock with third-party app or platforms (ecommerce, management systems, ERP, etc, …) to uniform your working procedures.


Online availability

eDock is a web platform. You don’t have to download updates or install programs in each computer you have in your company. You just need an internet connection and, wolrldwide, you can login in eDock.



You pay monthly, with automatic charge on Paypal.