Many Orders, one container

eDock collects the orders you conclude on the marketplaces in a single container and offers you the opportunity to prepare shipments with your trusted couriers. This simplicity of vision offers you the opportunity to have your business under control, to rationalize management operations and to make your business scalable by keeping the related management costs under control.

Order processing

Managing an order is a cross and a delight for any online seller. Delight, because each order represents a source of income. Croce because increasingly demanding customers require high performance.

Marketplaces align customer performance demands with their merchants. The management of the order thus becomes a delicate process on which to pay the utmost attention. The risk is penalization by the marketplace.

eDock allows you to fulfill orders by concentrating all those you receive from the marketplaces (or proprietary websites) on which you sell in a single access point.

  • Status

  • Mail automation

  • Currencies

  • Filters and viewes

Ordini automatici: Stati dell'ordine

Establish your organization

When you are handling a large number of orders you not only need to advance orders but also to keep them organized.







One email for each step

eDock has a powerful email sending engine called Communication Flows.

You choose which change of state involves sending an email and who are the recipients who must receive the communication.

The texts can contain dynamic fields that allow you to customize the emails with the order or customer data.

Ordini automatici: valute

Automatic conversion

Orders from non-EU areas may be in currencies other than the Euro, depending on the marketplace on which you sell.

eDock provides for a currency conversion in real time and with updated data from the European Central.


Ordini automatici: filtri e viste

Easily find what you are looking for

On the eDock interfaces you will find countless filters that will allow you to quickly reach what you are looking for.

Not only. When you find yourself doing the same search often, you can then save a view and recall it whenever the need arises.

For example, you can save a view for all orders from Amazon or those that are from last month.

Manage orders from Amazon and countless other sales channels

Integrated with all sales channels

Fatture in cloud Shopify
Fatture in cloud Shopify e Magento
Fatture in cloud Shopify e Woocommerce
Gestione spedizioni marketplace | Amazon
Gestione spedizioni marketplace | eBay
Gestione spedizioni marketplace | Prestashop

Manage your shipments before completing billing

Integrated with all couriers

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Printing countless waybills can be time-consuming and prone to many data entry errors.

The integration between eDock and the software made available by couriers, such as Bartolini, GLS, DHL, UPS, SDA and all the others, protects you from spending mountains of hours on low-profit activities and freeing up your time for more tasks. profitable.

The integration with marketplaces then makes eDock a "one click application" that offers you the opportunity to update the tracking code on marketplaces, such as Amazon, with one click.


Select the orders to ship, one or more than one, one click. Done. You have obtained the waybills, which you can print with your Zebra if you want.

Tracking code

Along with the waybills, you get tracking codes for shipping, which are instantly communicated to the marketplace.


Use the APIs to integrate your points of sale, to carry out collection management or for completely customized applications.

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Your B2B network

eDock allows you to technically coordinate your own B2B company network. The methods are different and change with respect to the structure you have chosen.

In order to collect orders that come from third-party companies' sites, each of them must have an eDock installation in order to:

  • explore your catalogue
  • place an order

The user licenses for your B2B companies are free and are called VIP licenses.

Automatic orders

Orders collected from your client company's website are transmitted to your eDoc installation.

Order progress

The order you process conquers the states that are shared with your corporate customer, including the tracking code.

API or text file

Use the APIs to integrate your points of sale, to carry out collection management or for completely customized applications.

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