Consultancy and technology to conquer online marketplaces

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Conquer the Marketplace

If you own a brand, marketplaces are an essential destination for you.

Let yourself be guided in an omnichannel strategy path by our professionals. Achieve your commercial goals thanks to our experience.

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Leverage our technology

eDock is a powerful and flexible software that allows you to automate your inventory publishing and order management processes.

Take advantage of its interfaces or integrated via API: the result does not change.

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Multitenant Platform As A Service


EDock's micro services technology is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Risk management, queues and processes are in good hands.


It doesn't matter how many products you need to update or how many orders you need to process - the data infrastructure is designed for large volumes.


We expose an "API layer" completely separate from that of logic: integrating eDock, for your IT, will be quick and easy.


The eDock interfaces are simple to use. Getting to marketplaces is a journey that we want to make you comfortable.

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What eCommerce Managers think about us

Hear the testimony of those who use eDock regularly, those who put them under stress and those who need performance not to affect their daily operations.

"Che tu sia un Brand o un Retailer, la strada della multicanalità è l’ unica via da perseguire in ottica omnichannel. eDock è quello strumento indispensabile per distribuire i tuoi prodotti in maniera semplice e veloce su più canali di vendita online."

"Lavoro con eDock da più di dieci anni, è uno strumento indispensabile per gestire al meglio i propri canali di vendita online, automatizzando molte attività quotidiane altrimenti quasi impossibili da gestire secondo un approccio manuale."

“eDock è la soluzione giusta per attivare ed integrare velocemente diversi canali di vendita. Strumento indispensabile per chi vuole un catalogo prodotti indipendente da ogni piattaforma, ti permette di concentrarti sulla cosa più importante: vendere.”

If you want to sell online you need to acquire the eCommerce Manager skills

“I started from scratch with Excluding some information on eBay, my eCommerce and marketplace skills were at ground zero. I followed the courses and entered the community and after eight months I started working with the first client.”

Do you want to get the skills to sell online?

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