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With eDock you can work with an algorithm for dynamic prices on marketplaces.

Optimize your profits on marketplaces

The starting question is: "Would you like to earn 1,200 € with eight transactions instead of € 1,000 with ten transactions?". If the answer is “yes”, then you are thinking about optimizing your profits - and you can do that with eDock.
Indeed, eDock uses an algorithm for dynamic pricing (or repricing)




What does it mean? It means that you can change automatically the prices of your products on eBay and on Amazon. In doing so, you will improve your profits and also the orders you receive. The algorithm is complex and it uses the technology of the "machine learning" to learn over time. Among some of the factors that the algorithm takes into account we can find: the price charged by competitors, the number of orders in time, the seasonality and other others still.

Thanks to eDock, then, you can practice the "price discrimination" by automatically setting the best price you can sell your products on the marketplace.



Auto-listing and order processing

If you are planning to optimize your profits you cannot forget the automatic fulfillment processes.

eDock has a robust and scalable infrastructure . In fact, thanks to its architecture, you can choose to develop an APP for your exclusive use in order to customize eDock with what you need. eDock can also be integrated with any other software through its API.



Sell on the marketplaces you still do not sell on

If you are looking for repricing software and therefore for optimizing profits, then you are already selling on the marketplaces. Consider employing eDock to reach even more specific users by giving life to your commercial firepower and by selling on markets that you do not even attend.
With eDock you will have at your side a working group made up of expert, competent and capable people who will support you all the way: from registering accounts to start doing business, up to the complete commercial development of marketplaces in Italy and abroad.

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How to install or configure eDock?

The good news is that you don't have to install eDock: just login with your credentials, obtained after the demo request. For the configuration, our support team will help you in a step by step process.


What to do next?

  1. Take a look at the Gioielli di Valenza case study, who started like you: a private interview.
  2. Schedule a 1 to 1 demo with one of our experts
  3. Check out this 3 steps before requesting your demo account
    1. Evaluate the impact that your business may have by selling on the marketplaces with eDock. There are product categories and company types that are more advantaged than others: do an economic assessment of costs and benefits of the initiative, even before registering to the demo.
    2. Take into consideration the effort that the preparation of the material can take. If you need to get content - such as images or texts - don't forget that this will take time - obviously related to the number of products you want to sell.
    3. Make sure you have the requirements needed: a credit card and the basic notions of informatics that we expect you to have (e.g. surfing on the Internet or manage files or images).