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eDock: automate with a software the listing on Amazon


Wonderful: with eDock you can sell on Amazon without editing information
Publish your products on eBay, Amazon and your ecommerce, settle your e-catalog: it takes a click




eCommerce and Amazon union represent one of the most successful case in the world.

With eDock software you can sell your prducts on Amazon in few steps. Thanks to eDock, more marketplaces can be kept synchronized together: from eBay to Amazon, from Amazon to ecommerce.!

eDock: discover the advantages of the Amazon world


A single one stock for every European Amazon marketplace

Thanks to eDock you can sell each product you have on your stock in every European marketplace in Amazon. The stock is shared in order to sell only the product you really have in your stock.




Create the product sheets that does not exist on Amazon

If you face daily with product sheet creation, you certainly know how long it takes to sell those products on Amazon. Thanks to eDock, you can operate in a single one panel. In this way, you can save time, energies and resources.


Integration with Fulfillment By Amazon

If you sell on Amazon by using its logistics services (FBA: Fulfillment By Amazon) you have to know that eDock has an integration in order to have your FBA orders directly on eDock panel. You can also isolate these orders from the others, in order to make your analysis.


Screening for wrong EAN

Detect automatically if other sellers’ inaccuracy on Amazon about products Data with eDock. This feature is useful to screen the products with an Amazon EAN code different from the producer EAN code.




eDock: discover the advantages


Real-time update on every platform

eDock has a powerful notification engine which sells every single change related to quantities and stock to eBay, Amazon and other marketplace available, worldwide. Thanks to this automation, you will avoid negative feedback for those orders that now you have to cancel if the item is not available anymore.




Diversify your pricelists to sell with different price for different platform

Commercial flexibility and possibility to differentiate price for each marketplace are routine on eDock. You can see the same product on with a price, and then on with another price, different from the price you see on Amazon. eDock flexibility, in this sense, will give you commercial appeal even if you “drown” shipping prices inside the product price.



Orders tracking on all marketplaces

If you sell online, you surely know how much it is important to send to your online markets pieces of information about shipping. You just have to add the tracking number on eDock and then this information will be sent to the marketplace.


API to integrate with your management program

The API REST set at your disposal is important if you want to integrate with any software by using eDock engine as if you have had directly its technology. Other companies have integrated their management program with Amazon or eBay through eDock. In this scenario of eDock usage, you will have directly on your management program or ERP the orders from Amazon or eBay and you can see synchronized your items’ quantity on marketplaces.


Communication flows to improve communication between co workers for order management

eDock has a flexible and high-performace order management system. You can choose the patch for your order to follow once you receive it on eDock. Each update is defined as a “work-in-progress” of the order, at every step you can decide to trigger different emails to your final customers or to the members of your organization.


Exportation for courier software

Orders export for the shipping company can be helpful to save time. With this function, you can export data related to the receiver and the orders destination in order to give this information to the company in charge to ship your packages.