Easy shipping with your couriers

With eDock you can organize all shipments, communicating with the couriers you work with. The cheapest courier selection engine gives you the opportunity to save on shipments by having control over each shipment you prepare. The printing of the waybills and the return of the tracking code allows you to automate each phase of the shipment, to be faster in the overall management of your orders.

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Waybill printing

Managing an order is a cross and a delight for any online seller. Delight, because each order represents a source of income. Croce because increasingly demanding customers require high performance.

Marketplaces align customer performance demands with their merchants. The management of the order thus becomes a delicate process on which to pay the utmost attention. The risk is penalization by the marketplace.

eDock allows you to fulfill orders by concentrating all those you receive from the marketplaces (or proprietary websites) on which you sell in a single access point.

  • Tracking code

  • Borderò

  • Picking list

  • Bulk printing

  • Export

tracking code

All in one click

Integration via API allows you to organize the preparation of a shipment directly from the eDock environment.

With one click you can send the shipping information to Bartolini, GLS, DHL or to one of the many integrated couriers.

The status of the "Shipped" order, present by default, is natively integrated to all the marketplaces so that you can automatically communicate the tracking code of the shipment.


Shipping list just a click away

Just one more click to view and print the list of organized shipments.

The borderò, as it is called in the jargon of logistics operators, is populated by shipments organized gradually.

Printing the borderò is another useful element to save you time: you do it directly from the eDock interfaces without leaving the context that you are called to use every day.

picking list

Talk to the warehouses

To give you the opportunity to activate effective communication with the operators in the warehouse, you have the opportunity to print the picking list.

The list is completed with the position of the goods on the shelves, so that the preparation of the order becomes a very simple operation with a low risk of error.

stampa massiva

Select, click and print

Launching the printing of a considerable number of labels becomes a quick operation as launching the printing of just one of these.

Select how many lines you want and then send the massive print. Only limit? How much paper do you have :)

spedizioni internazionali

International shipments

International shipments outside the European Union are in effect exports.

In the case of an export, it is necessary to produce a series of documents to be attached to the outgoing package, such as the commercial invoice.

eDock can send the necessary documents to the courier, to give you the possibility to easily manage shipments that go to the other side of the world!

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Integration with marketplaces

Updating your order status is critical for marketplaces. For this reason eDock provides proactive synchronization of marketplaces, which need to know when you have shipped your order in order to update their customer.

In this way, for example, you can update Amazon with the tracking code obtained from Bartolini, organizing the courier's shipment with one click without leaving eDock.

When the Brt tracking code arrives on eDock, it is automatically transmitted to Amazon which, in turn, notifies the customer.

Tracking code update

The update relating to the progress of the shipment on the marketplaces is automated by eDock. Whether you sell on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Zalando, Yoox or another marketplace it doesn't matter. The update mechanism will help you spend less time.

Amazon Prime Fulfilled by the Seller

If you fall within one of the merchants who have the option to use the "Prime Fulfilled by Seller" option, you will have the option of arranging the shipment with the courier that Amazon will indicate to you. Integration takes place via API to ensure smooth and effective communication.

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Select the cheapest Courier

If you employ many couriers, you know how important it is to select the most appropriate one for an economic issue.

eDock offers you the opportunity to compare the rates, in real time, of the couriers you use and then select the most advantageous one.

eDock allows you to compare shipping costs for each courier you use, in real time. You will be able to independently upload the contracts you have stipulated, to guarantee you greater flexibility and autonomy in the management phase.

Rate comparison

Upload the rates contracted with couriers to eDock. Compare them whenever you want when you need to organize a shipment.

Geographic filters

Select the orders you need to take care of by making a selection by geographical criteria: you will be able to make your organization more efficient.

API available

Do you need advanced integrations, which take into account your specificities? You can use our APIs to solve any functional need.

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