General information on eBay

eBay is the marketplace par excellence. Born as a site aimed at buying and selling between consumers, mostly of used goods and in an "auction" mode, today it is intended for companies that sell new products at a fixed price. Selling on eBay can be a must for those companies operating in certain categories for which eBay is still the undisputed leader.

How to sell on eBay

The "community" nature that distinguishes eBay makes it rather easy for all sellers to access. Each new account includes limitations in terms of the number of products loaded and the economic value of the inventory but with the increase in sales, the limits are gradually removed..

On eBay there are these sales configurations::

  • direct sales. In order to operate with your own identity, you have these options::
    • personal account: these are accounts mostly geared towards those who sell as a hobby. It is a modality that we exclude for our customers.
    • professional account: consists of specifying the VAT number to which the account in question refers
    • professional account with a shop: this is an option for every professional account and which gives access to a series of specific services and rates.

Naturally you will be followed by our work group in order to land on eBay with the appropriate precautions and according to a professional approach.

  • indirect sale. In this mode your tax identity is lost, since our accounts are used to host your goods. The tax and legal burdens of each transaction are on us and you can focus on the quality of the products you make.

Identikit of the ideal eBay Seller

eBay has essentially lost its nature as a market in which to find the deal or second-hand that cannot be found. The products available today are preeminently new and with a fixed price: eBay has turned to an increasingly professional approach..

With this in mind, and as a choice of field, we only take on business realities and let individuals or hobbyists equip themselves differently. 

The rules impose strict performance on sellers, under penalty of downgrading the account until suspension.

The main markets for the eBay universe are:

  • auto and motorbike spareparts
  • electronic
  • apparel
  • home&garden 
as well as a vast opportunity to attend in other categories.


Internationalization on eBay takes place in two different ways.

The first by publishing the products on the individual countries. In this case you will need the content translated into the relevant languages to publish on one or more of eBay's 36 international sites. The benefits in terms of visibility are obvious.

The second by publishing the items on eBay Italy and specifying that the product can also be shipped abroad. In this case it will be sufficient for you to specify the price for the shipment.

Whatever modality you decide to opt for, the opportunities for internationalization are truly exceptional on eBay, especially for those made in Italy products that are so desired abroad.

The resulting taxation also depends on the geo localization in which you decide to store the goods.

For more information, read our blog post that you find here.

Payments and logistics

Payment on eBay follows a logic that, starting from 2021, is the one common to all marketplaces.

eBay has in fact introduced the Payment Services or a new function that overcomes the payment with Paypal, so dear to sellers, and which provides that the transaction takes place between the platform and the buyer.

Only then does the transfer of funds from eBay to the seller take place, net of sales commissions.

This Copernican revolution for eBay is confirmation of the orientation towards a professional modality that was begun and consistently pursued years ago.

About logistics eBay works with a network of third party suppliers that can be made available to the seller.

The network of warehouses, services and integration with information systems is still expanding, which is why they represent more of an exception than a rule for the usual seller.

How much does it cost to sell on eBay

Selling on eBay includes two expense items for the merchant who operates professionally:

  • the flat rate for the shop. There are 3 shops, differentiated by the number of products that can be published: Basic, Premium and Advanced shop with a value of € 19.50, € 39.50 and € 149.50 respectively (italian price).
  • the fee for the commission on the final value. It represents the most important value, because it is the slice that eBay keeps on every sale you make. As in most other cases, eBay charges a value that depends on the product category..

“For over 8 years I have been helping sellers form different product categories, company sizes and with even specific needs. I am happy when I help organizations to achieve the goals we setted up.”

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eDock: discover all the advantages related to the ebay world

Single warehouse for all eBay in the world

If you sell on eBay you know how important it is to please the customer who placed an order. Therefore, managing the stock of your products in an automated and dynamic way on all the platforms that contribute to their sale is crucial to keep your seller standards high. eDock helps you in this purpose, allowing you to manage stock from a single panel on all markets, keeping the availability that varies over time synchronized.

Massive changes to online listings

If you manage large volumes of products on eBay, you will find it exceptional to be able to edit - with a single click - the information of many published listings. This possibility gives you the opportunity to save time and face the dynamism of a frenetic market like that of online sales, with just as much reactivity. No matter how many adverts you have online, with eDock you can edit them all by pressing a button :)

Automatic insertion rules to speed up your work

With eDock you have the possibility to make settings, which we call "Listing Rules" thanks to which you will be able to see automatically published on eBay the products you create "from scratch" on eDock. The automatic publication of listings on eBay gives you access to a great saving of time and resources, which you can use for activities with greater added value.

Dynamic fields on ads

The listings on eBay that need to have different information, product by product, can be published with eDock thanks to the "dynamic fields". This function allows you to specify information on a discount, promotion or other type of data previously entered on eDock.

Update on news for the partnership with eBay

The partnership we have established with eBay, us and a few other selected companies, allows us to always be updated on future platform implementations. We regularly report, through our blog, about ongoing developments and any other information that may be useful to our customers. All news is disclosed after prior agreement with eBay.

If you want to sell online you need to acquire the eCommerce Manager skills

“I started from scratch with eCommerce-manager.org. Excluding some information on eBay, my eCommerce and marketplace skills were at ground zero. I followed the courses and entered the community and after eight months I started working with the first client.”

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eDock: discover all the advantages

Real-time updating on all platforms

eDock has a powerful notification engine that sends every single change relating to the quantities available in stock and prices in real time, to give you the opportunity to synchronize the stock of your products in stock with eBay, Amazon and other available marketplaces, in Italy and in the world. Thanks to this automation, eDock allows you to avoid negative feedback for those orders that you are forced to cancel if the purchased goods are no longer available.

API for integration with your management system

The set of REST APIs that we provide you with allows you to make technical integrations with any software, using the eDock engine as if you directly own its technology. Many companies have already integrated their company management with Amazon or eBay, through eDock. In this scenario of use, eDock allows you to receive orders from Amazon or eBay directly on your management system or on your ERP and to keep the stock of your products in stock in the "online shopping centers" synchronized.

Differentiated price lists by market to sell at different prices on the platforms

With eDock you have the maximum commercial flexibility and the possibility to differentiate the selling price by market. You will thus be able to sell the same product on eBay Italy at a price, different from the one at which you sell it on eBay Germany, different from the one you sell it on Amazon. The flexibility of eDock, in this sense, allows you to be present with a commercial formula of appeal even when you "drown" the shipping costs in the price of the product.

Communication flows to facilitate your team in order management

eDock provides flexible and efficient order management. You can decide, in a completely personalized way, which "path" to take your order once it has been received. For each change to what is defined as "progress" of the order, then, you can trigger automated email communications that are directed to the customer or to the members of your organization.

Order tracking id on all markets

If you sell on marketplaces, you know the importance of keeping the "online shopping center" informed about the status of the shipment. With eDock you have the possibility to enter your "tracking number" so that eDock is concerned about communicating it to the reference platform.

Export to courier software

Exporting orders to your trusted courier is a useful feature to save you a lot of time. The function allows you to export all data relating to the recipient and to the destination to send the goods to the applications of the carrier called to perform the shipment.

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