General information about AliExpress

AliExpress was born as a B2C site and intended for those Chinese companies that wanted to reach the extra-border market. Over the years it has transformed into an international marketplace, open to companies from all over the world who want to reach millions of users.
With over 500 million visitors per month, AliExpress represents a primary market, enjoying the number one position in the ranking of the busiest sites in Eastern European countries including Russia and in other countries such as Spain. Selling on AliExpress represents a real opportunity..

How to sell on AliExpress

AliExpress is a giant that has grown quickly, also thanks to the spread of SAARS in 2003, when the big brother of AliExpress was launched: Taobao..

Selling on AliExpress is therefore quite complex and even the interfaces reveal the complexity that the Alibaba team (the parent company) had to face in managing sellers and buyers.

You can sell on AliExpress according to these two sales architectures:

  • direct sales. In order to operate with your own tax identity, you will need to:
    • open the seller's account: it consists in registering your company, delivering the related documents such as the chamber of commerce registration and identity documents of the administrator.
    • upload the items, which will then be aggregated on your shop page.
      We will help you in all respects in governing this sales channel: from the first technical loading operations of the products, up to the marketing activities to stimulate the traffic and sales of your products
  • indirect sale. In this mode your tax identity is lost, since our accounts are used to host your goods. The tax and legal burdens of each transaction are on us and you can focus on the quality of the products you make.

Identikit of the ideal seller for AliExpress

AliExpress is a B2C market, aimed at professional sellers who want to intercept an international audience, in particular for those Eastern European countries, such as Russia, or Spain, markets in which AliExpress is particularly known, visited and enjoyed. of trust from consumers..

The categories that are the most popular, according to the reports provided by the same company, are:

  • electronic
  • personal care
  • home and furniture
  • clothing
  • jewelry and watches

“For over 8 years I have been helping sellers form different product categories, company sizes and with even specific needs. I am happy when I help organizations to achieve the goals we setted up.”

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Selling in an international form with AliExpress is pretty straightforward.

To be able to sell abroad, simply specify the shipping conditions in the reference countries, specifying what are called "shipping templates".

A clarification must be made in terms of taxation and above all the difference that exists between a sale abroad and an export. If this is always true, in the case of AliExpress it is even more so because of its popularity in Russia.

Payments and logistics

The platform retains the funds paid by users, in an operating model completely similar to that of other marketplaces. The funds of each transaction are delivered to the marketplace which holds them for a few days and after prior verification that the shipment has been made and the product has reached its destination..

The transfer of funds from the account to the seller's cashier takes place by bank transfer, or by transfer on AliPay.

The logistics are the responsibility of the seller, who is responsible for shipping the goods for each order that is accepted.

How much does it cost to sell on AliExpress

Selling on AliExpress is particularly easy from an economic point of view.

There are no fixed costs but a single percentage that varies between 5 and 8% of the value of each sale made and according to the product category. Some values:

  • shoes: 8%
  • electronic: 8%
  • appliances: 5%
  • jewelry: 8%
  • sport: 8%
  • underwear: 8%
  • home&garden: 8% 


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eDock: discover all the advantages

Real-time updating on all platforms

eDock has a powerful notification engine that sends every single change relating to the quantities available in stock and prices in real time, to give you the opportunity to synchronize the stock of your products in stock with eBay, Amazon and other available marketplaces, in Italy and in the world. Thanks to this automation, eDock allows you to avoid negative feedback for those orders that you are forced to cancel if the purchased goods are no longer available.

API for integration with your management system

The set of REST APIs that we provide you with allows you to make technical integrations with any software, using the eDock engine as if you directly own its technology. Many companies have already integrated their company management with Amazon or eBay, through eDock. In this scenario of use, eDock allows you to receive orders from Amazon or eBay directly on your management system or on your ERP and to keep the stock of your products in stock in the "online shopping centers" synchronized.

Differentiated price lists by market to sell at different prices on the platforms

With eDock you have the maximum commercial flexibility and the possibility to differentiate the selling price by market. You will thus be able to sell the same product on eBay Italy at a price, different from the one at which you sell it on eBay Germany, different from the one you sell it on Amazon. The flexibility of eDock, in this sense, allows you to be present with a commercial formula of appeal even when you "drown" the shipping costs in the price of the product.

Communication flows to facilitate your team in order management

eDock provides flexible and efficient order management. You can decide, in a completely personalized way, which "path" to take your order once it has been received. For each change to what is defined as "progress" of the order, then, you can trigger automated email communications that are directed to the customer or to the members of your organization.

Order tracking id on all markets

If you sell on marketplaces, you know the importance of keeping the "online shopping center" informed about the status of the shipment. With eDock you have the possibility to enter your "tracking number" so that eDock is concerned about communicating it to the reference platform.

Export to courier software

Exporting orders to your trusted courier is a useful feature to save you a lot of time. The function allows you to export all data relating to the recipient and to the destination to send the goods to the applications of the carrier called to perform the shipment.

If you want to sell online you need to acquire the eCommerce Manager skills

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