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With eDock you can have dynamic prices through its algorithm.

Help your customers selling on marketplaces

Offer to your customers an easy tool to sell on the marketplaces is an excellent idea. The online shopping malls will allow them to focus on the simplest activities to start, i.e. write the descriptions of the products or take high-quality images.


If they already sell on their own eCommerce website, the marketplaces will allow them to reach specific users giving way to strengthen their commercial firepower.

With eDock you will be able to experience the know-how of our experts and their support: from the account registration to the full development of marketplaces all over the world. 



Automates products listing and order processing for your customers

If you sell company management systems or offer an eCommerce consulting service we can help you. With eDock you have the ability to create APP that can make unique the experience of your customers. You can also resell the APP to all other users of eDock, even if they aren't your customers.






Optimize your profits on marketplaces

Thanks to the Instant Repricing feature on eDock, you can automate the repricing of the products you have available on eBay and Amazon, with different prices for each market you sell. The dynamic repricing function is based on a complex algorithm that is based on a series of parameters that you can configure and on the observation of the competition.




How to install or configure eDock?

The good news is that you don't have to install eDock: just login with your credentials, obtained after the demo request. For the configuration, our support team will help you in a step by step process.



Talk to us and tell us your needs!


E ora, come procedo?

  1. Take a look at the Gioielli di Valenza case study, who started like you: a private interview.
  2. Schedule a 1 to 1 demo with one of our experts

  3. Check out this 3 steps before requesting your demo account

    1. Evaluate the impact that your business may have by selling on the marketplaces with eDock. There are product categories and company types that are more advantaged than others: do an economic assessment of costs and benefits of the initiative, even before registering to the demo.
    2. Take into consideration the effort that the preparation of the material can take. If you need to get content - such as images or texts - don't forget that this will take time - obviously related to the number of products you want to sell.
    3. Make sure you have the requirements needed: a credit card and the basic notions of informatics that we expect you to have (e.g. surfing on the Internet or manage files or images).